13 Dec 2009

One Thought About the Transhumanism and Nazism

As the future relies on the standing on the shoulders of giants and as the software development has demonstrated that one of the prerequisites of keeping the amount of labor in a feasible limit is by recombining previously completed components, it's no wonder that I do not always have much to add. So, some of my articles, starting with this one, are a combination of citations and a small amount of my own thoughts. And yes, I know, that many people HATE video, photo and sound based citations, but they have an option not to read my posts. I think that a person's time IS equivalent to a part of that person's LIFE.

Well, here it goes. First, I think that the following video explains the political and social aspects of artificial intelligence, without applying the percentage of non-informing SciFi mystification that tends to be added to the topic in many technology popularization texts.

As of December 2009 it seems to me that it is racist to apply segregation laws to that highly intelligent machines, because humans, tehcnically, are not better and the distinction is purely based on the difference in “species”.

As of December 2009 I personally love the idea of cyborgs, because humans can't survive in cold winter without clothing, I.e. self-enhancements, tools. Drugs, artificial joints, glasses, hearing aids, are, according to my view, exact examples of cyborgization. If evolution takes thousands of years, then cyborgization is something that one can use before dying. For instance, if brain prosthesis become stable enough and the computing technology miniature and mature enough, then I hope to have brain enhancement. I believe that it does not hurt if the thinking part of the brain has more computational power than currently can fit into the skull.

And, in that light, the artist called Haddaway has a darn good song:

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