9 Jun 2009

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Well, this is my first blog-posting in English. The reason, why I switched from Estonian to English, is that almost nobody ever reads my blog anyway. I thought that I might make this blog a bit more useful by writing it in English. Besides, almost everyone in Estonia can read and speak English anyway.

So, sex. Well, I'll come to that later, but for now, I'll keep to the drugs part. I started to wonder, what does Google pop up, if I feed it with a name of a drug that one of my doctors prescribed me. Rivotril. I found out, besides that the drug is somewhat toxic, as expected, that it has a "halfe life" ranging, according to various sources, from 18 hours to 80 hours.

According to my practice, that data is nonsense. I take it at the evening and feel well, fresh, in the morning, and it relaxes my muscles about 30 minutes after I have eaten it, but, yet again, I'm not a drug developper, nor a doctor.

I started to wonder, how long does it take for that poison to get out of my body. Considering a fact that I visited gym 2 days earlier, did not jog after the gym, and had a really good night sleep with exceptionally nice, and erotic, dreams, there should not be any reason, why I am not at my best at jogging. However, I think that I was not at my best at jogging today.

So, considering that the halfe life varies, it's no use of drawing just a line that shows the amount of drug left in the body. It takes 2 axes: time passed since administration and drug halfe life. For halfe life in range 18h to 80h and time since administration between 0h and 100h (==about 4 days), one gets the following "picture":

So, no wonder that I missed the "tone" today. The conclusion: it makes sense to use the drug not more than once a week and it should be administered at the evening of a day, when exercises took place. The administration timing aims to use the training interval for drug decay.

About the sex part, well, forget it, but what comes to the Rolling part, then it's not recommended to drive a car, when under the influence of that drug. Some sources claim that Rocking with alcohol intensifies the effects of the drug, so I guess that alcohol based Rocking is not recommended either. Cheers!

Here's the Mathematica source for the above image:

initialAmount = 1;
famount[hours_, halfeLifeInHours_] := initialAmount/2^(hours/
Plot3D[famount[hours, halfeLife], {hours, 0, 100}, {halfeLife, 18,

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